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Seven Young Professionals Added to “Career Dream Team”

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Seven individuals 29 or younger who are working in skilled professions in manufacturing and related businesses have been named to the Columbus, Nebraska Career Dream Team.

The team volunteers’ mission is to raise awareness, develop programs, and help students choose education paths to obtain 21st century skills that will lead to good paying careers.

The Nebraska Advanced Manufacturing Coalition (NAMC) is a statewide partnership between business, education, government and labor dedicated to reaching out to students, parents, and educators to identify the 21st century skills needed for success in the future.

NAMC Chairman Tony Raimondo announced the launch of the Columbus Region Career Dream Team during a recent press conference.

Many may be surprised to know that the United States is still the largest manufacturing country in the world. The purpose of the Career Dream Team is to spotlight manufacturing careers among students, parents and teachers and help students to know that they don’t have to leave the state to find a good paying job and career.

Eighty-one percent of manufacturers say they can’t find enough skilled workers to keep their businesses competitive in a global economy.

Dream Team volunteers will bring their message at half-time during upcoming sports events, through video and Web site presentations, movie trailers, personal appearances and civic organizations.

Seven Young Professionals Added to "Career Dream Team" by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes