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Oregon Construction Jobs

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Wineries and timber production have made this state a very rich one. Agricultural products like hazelnut are also extremely popular. As is common with any of these activities, construction of warehouses and food processing are extremely important. Hence, construction has become one of the major activities of the state.

High technology services and industries have also been set up in the state and this has provided a major boost in Oregon construction. Till the 1980s, the largest employer in the private sector in Oregon was Tektronics. Intel has set up its center in Washington County and this inspired many other companies to come to Oregon.

This has increased the prospect for not only Oregon Construction jobs but also jobs in many other fields. The establishment of the Silicon Forest has provided a boost to the economy. When people have more money in their hands, it is natural that they would engage in more personal construction like personal housing. Thus jobs in Oregon construction have also increased.

Construction Schools

There are many schools and colleges for learning construction in the state. If you have a degree in this field, it becomes much easier to get good jobs. The Chemeketa Community College located in Salem provides the highest degree of an Associate in Building Inspection. Oregon City is another good place to learn about construction. The Clackamas Community College is located here.

Then you also have the Lane Community College in Eugene and Portland Community College at Portland. Grants Pass has one of the famous construction colleges called Rogue Community College. There are also many online colleges from which you can get degrees right at home.


Bend, Eugene and Corvallis are some of the places with the highest employment in Oregon construction. So if you are looking to work in this field inside the state, then you can move to these areas and start work as Construction and Building Inspectors.

However if you are looking to get the highest salaries for this job, then you probably should check out Salem and Portland too. Gresham and Hillsboro are two other large cities which provide a great deal of scope for work in Oregon Construction.

The position of Accounting Assistant can prove to be a very high profile one in the area of construction especially if you have a base in accountancy in Portland. Electrical construction workers are also in high demand in this place. You can also work as a truck driver in this place.

You will be required to carry materials to and fro from one place to another. There is always a demand for truck drivers in Oregon City. Are you looking for something a bit more ambitious? How about the position of a Utility Coordinator of Construction? There are many of these jobs present in Southern.

So if you are looking for work in Oregon construction, start applying now.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes