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Mentoring Shortens Your Learning Curve

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Joining in the multitudes of the newbies you will only
secure information that will help you with a mentor that
cares.  Take the time to find and learn as much as you
can from them.  Wonderful shortcuts will entail your
learning curve to shorten and you will be off to the
races faster and farther.  Get the mentoring you need
and get even, you want to succeed then come off the steps
and play with the big boys.  My mentor says this often
and he means it when you are ready to make the money
then take the bit in your teeth and proceed at lightning

Making money online will lead you to getting the tools
you need to organize yourself and get your site ready
for the traffic you will send to it.  Don’t get lost in
the superhighway of the web you will have to do lots of
things to get yourself and your site branded.  Just
putting up a website and forgetting the advertising and
promotion will not bring your customers.  Starting out
with a business on a shoe string will only make you more
aware that you will need to track your ads and use the
money wisely to promote your site with excellent

When you are helping your down line it is only making
you stronger in the fact that you will become an
instructor and mentor for your people.  Investing time
in your people is a plus any way you look at it.  If
training is in place when you get done then you will
have branded yourself as a teacher and they will come
to you with problems and you will be able to keep them
focused on what they will need to do.  Giving a hundred
percent of your sincerity will allow you to maintain
creditability with your new people as well.

Taking notes and putting into action the many things
that your mentor will give you will only make you a
better marketer and a better mentor for your down line.
If you put tactics that are given to you and use them
faithfully then it will be so much easier to help your
people use the same skills in developing them into great
and useful new mentors of the future.  Everyone wants
to do well and with the right inspiration and training
it is in reach of everyone.

Marketing is a good option of word of mouth advertising,
its okay to tell others if you are doing well.  There
are many ways to do that hand out those business cards
they are not going to do you any good collecting dust
on your shelf.  Put them on a bulletin board with a
pocket on the bottom of the flyer you post on cork boards
in your favorite places to shop.  Let your people know
what is working for you, if they are starting out with
business on a shoe string they will need these options
to get started before they make serious money.  Remember
positive thinking and great motivation comes to you
from your mentor pass it on to your people then they
will thrive like the weeds in your garden.  We want the
roses to bloom and manage to make the money they would
like to on this great big web of opportunity.

Mentoring Shortens Your Learning Curve by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes