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U.S. Chamber’s Goal: 20 Million Jobs Over Next Decade

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chamber of commerceThe U.S. Chamber of Commerce is calling on leaders of government, business and labor to unite with the goal of creating 20 million jobs over the next decade. Chamber president Thomas Donohue outlined five areas where government and business can unite to work towards that goal.

“Our nation faces many big challenges, but no priority is more important than putting jobless Americans back to work,” Donohue said. “Over the long term, only a strong private sector- backed by sensible government policies with rational levels of regulation and taxation and a reasonable degree of certainty- can create 20 million jobs.”

The five areas cited by Donohue are: the expansion of U.S. exports around the world; rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure; ensuring investment in all American energy resources, including traditional and renewable sources; and addressing economic uncertainties that are hampering economic growth, including n tax, health, environmental, labor, legal and fiscal policies.

“Sadly, today the American Dream seems like an impossible dream for millions of workers and their families,” Donohue said. “We must pull together as a country to change that. We must stand up for our economic freedoms and ensure that all Americans can share in freedom’s bounty.”

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes