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How To Gauge Your Ad Campaign?

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The success of ad campaigns are not easy to gauge since you don’t have any formula to help you in computing just how much of your postcards for example, has been converted into dollars. However, you may always apply trial and error methods but even this will not provide you with the exact figure of how much you have earned from your ad campaign. The trial and error method will only provide you with a rough estimate of how much returns in terms of sales your ad campaign has brought your business.

Some may tell you that you can assess or monitor your sales by the number of new customers that your business is getting everyday. But just how many business owners really do this? Probably very few and only those with very small businesses wherein their customers are composed of a couple of number of friends, relatives, neighbors that the business owner really gets in contact with most of the time. So just how would a business owner knew that the customers are new? There really is no way of telling unless of course the business owner religiously checks on her surveillance camera and take note of not so familiar faces that enters his establishment.  Let’s face it; it’s very hard to remember every single customer that enters a store.

And so just how are you to gauge whether your ad campaign did work or not? Here’s how: In every ad campaign you have a certain product or service that you wish to promote and so obviously an increase in the sales of that certain product or service will tell you that your ad campaign was successful. Now if the opposite happens, it only signifies that you ought to think of other ad campaign alternative to help you in promoting your products and services.

Another way is to compare your sales before, during and after your ad campaign.  However, don’t expect that you have an outright result because there are some ad drives that really take quite sometime before result can be achieved. One way of an effective ad campaign is one where a business offers discounted items attached to some of their highly saleable products are great in enticing customers to take hold of products and services a business is offering.

There are also some businesses that held raffle promos wherein they give away cars for prices. What they usually do is to place a bracket on every purchase of their customers. Telling customers that the higher the amount of purchase the more the quantity of raffle tickets given.  And since most customers want to win the price they tend to purchase more to earn more tickets.  This kind of ad campaign is generally employed by malls and other big businesses.

Lastly, before setting on any advertising or promotional expedition try to have a concrete and concise goal of what you want to achieve. It is important so that you will be guided not only in your choice of ad campaign but also to direct all your endeavors towards your goal.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes