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How to Get Published in a Magazine to Boost Your Career

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If you are published in a magazine, it usually implies that you are an expert in your field. You need to identify a topic or a subject that holds value in the market. Your presentation of an idea is very important as to how it is perceived by the magazine authorities. And as they say you need to be at the right time and the right place.

You can follow certain guidelines as to how you can successfully get published in a magazine. Know for a fact that magazine editors are busy professionals themselves, they will not spare any time for you unless your concept is compact. You must have a solid base of what you want to write.

Also you must add value to the magazine; magazines usually want original ideas that grab attention. You are not going to impress any editor if you say the purpose of your article is to promote your career. Use how-to article regarding topics where you have scope to get yourself a career boost.

In a magazine, you need to draw the general interest of readers about the subject. If your article fails to do the same then your article will never get published. Every magazine has their own submission guidelines; any breach of them and your article shall be immediately rejected. When you try to get a publication in a magazine; the editor is the boss.

What they want is what they need. The guidelines are always mentioned on the respective websites – pay heed to them. In case you don’t get the guidelines on the website, seek out any of the editing staff to enquire about them. Editors get several article submissions every week. In order for you to make the cut, you need to really jump off the page.

Make it clear that your article shall be productive to the magazine. Give them a clear idea about your target market and why people will be interested in reading your article.

The concept is the keystone to your article. If your concept is really liked by the editor, they will be more than happy to work with you. Editors usually ask for a short author bio. It is best to limit yourself to 6-8 lines. Here you can briefly talk about your expertise and accomplishments. However, don’t beat your own drum with this. Just lay a passive hint that you are a motivating leader in your field of work.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes