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Keys to Business Etiquette

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Basic qualities

Although there are a number of guidelines and basic keys to business etiquette, it depends on the people, situation, local culture and many other factors. Besides following the rules of manners one should keep an open mind while communicating with the people. One should respect other’s culture, feeling and thoughts and be cool as far as possible in case of a dispute and try to find the solution.

It is very hard for an ill-tempered person to succeed in any field which demands public relation including business. One must be courteous, thoughtful and generous about the people around him and should try to avoid any unintentional violation of manners for their part. These are the common and basic qualities of business etiquette and the key of being a successful businessman and/or professional.

Business etiquettes

Learning business etiquettes is very important for anyone associated with the corporate world. The keys to business etiquettes include the following:


This is the quality which impresses most of the people. One should attend a meeting at the right time. It shows that the person is responsible and serious about the matter. So other persons feel respected and in turn they also respect the person.


One should show adequate interest, attention and ambition while communicating and should present himself in that manner. He should be dressed and shaved properly. If s/he has confusion about the costume it is safe to wear conservative formal dresses.

Remember names:

One must remember the names and designations of those with whom he has been introduced. This will make them feel important. Otherwise he may be thought to be unintelligent and disorganized or worse: that he simply doesn’t care.


One must switch off his mobile phone before attending the conference. Otherwise, it may create disturbance and other may loss their attention.


It is desired out of simple business manners that one should return phone calls and e-mails especially the ones s/he promised to.

The keys to business etiquette lies in the fact how one deals with the people in his surroundings. The moral of the story is one should give importance and respect to other people and co-workers.

Apart from these there is much etiquette to be followed in a business environment such as how to hold a fork and spoon properly in a dining table. These are required to be involved in corporate culture. But a fresher may not be too much worried about these. Because generally seniors do not mind for a minor mistake here and sometimes try to train him with a generous mind.

Keys to Business Etiquette by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes