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Top Jobs Paying Over 100K

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  • Lawyers: Lawyers are the best paid people on the planet. And believe it or not, they do not have any limits to their earning. They will get immense if they have that capacity and capability to solve cases faster than they can finish their lunch! Jokes apart, this is one area where the person gets money as and when he desires based on his competence.
  • Doctors: With people becoming sick often and discovery of new diseases every day, doctors have become in disposable. They have a huge fan following and quite similar to that of the lawyers, doctors – if they can click with their patients, they will get what they want and there are no limits. Better still if you’re a surgeon!
  • Sales People: Sales people are an innovative lot and they sincerely believe in the saying that nothing is impossible. Since they believe this, they earn the most handsome salaries amongst all groups of salaried people. Their job mainly involves in working smart and thinking creative.
  • Advertisement and Marketing: If you have it in you and you’re creative enough, you can make ads and even market them and the products. Needless to say, the most innovative and the attractive ones are the ads that get paid the most. Depending on the concern which hires you for advertisement, you can get paid more than 100k. The most wonderful part is that you need to think, be original and creative.
  • Federal Departments: This is lesser known fact – that senior government employees get paid heavily and draw obscene salaries based on their years of experience and their ability to work for the development of the nation. You definitely need to be a team leader and most importantly a clever person. Better for bureaucrats!
  • CEO: This position perhaps needs no extensive discussion. This post has been recently glamorized and elevated to the likes to celebs. A CEO gets obscene salaries and more benefits than one could possibly imagine. The person is in charge of everything in the company and knows the most intricate details of the company’s working methods. The person is an all-rounder.

These are the most lucrative jobs and this is a brief job profile discussion about them. If you’ve potential, then even a $100k barrier is nothing. Money is indeed no limit in that case. You are the sky!

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes