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$100,000 Careers

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High costs require high incomes

Employment is 100K category is much sought after these days as the cost of living and median home prices coast to coast have gone up tremendously in the last decade. Even after the economic meltdown, there has been a surge in price rise where the prices of many essential commodities as well as power bills are seeing an unprecedented high. But the basic requirement for a sales job can be a MBA from a graduate college.

Again, there are several other options in sales and marketing these days with more opportunities available for the right candidate. You can sell a host of products for companies and even do online jobs that are also regarded as part of $100,000 careers.

Finding $100,000 employment is not very difficult as these are real time jobs and can be very rewarding as well. If you can show that you can make a difference to the company by ratcheting up their sales turnovers, the company won’t mind paying you that amount of money.

Working as a lawyer in a law firm can be equally rewarding even though you have to speed read several documents every day. Your skill at the law courts and also at disseminating classified information, looking through legal nettles that can solve critical cases would guarantee your 100K employment. 100K careers are easy to find these days and if you are qualified and have the necessary experience, you can earn even more.

Demanding jobs

$100,000 careers also require a high degree of conformity as well and any failure to deliver in time could spoil your chances of keeping the job. As companies pay you more money, they demand a lot more as services.

You would be expected to at times exceed their expectations and keep up the tempo all through your employment as the money is good. There are several types of jobs at offices where you can earn similar or even more money these days.

If you are interested in slogging hard and even keeping awake at nights as you hit the long hard road, your best bet would be to be a truck driver. Many people also fail in trucking as they can’t always face up to the pressure. But if you are diligent and want to make real good money the hard and exciting way, trucking could one of the options for employment in 100K.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes