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Staying Motivated at Work

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Have you become so bored with your job because it is too easy? Maybe when you first started your job it presented you with a challenge and kept you on your toes. Now, you may feel empty and unfulfilled because the job doesn’t give you any personal satisfaction any longer.

Promotion or Raise?

So how can you stay motivated to continue to get out of bed in the morning? If your job doesn’t give out commissions for sales (such as car salesmen) it is hard to stay motivated because you don’t have the opportunity to earn more based on your performance and salesmanship skills. You may work in a factory on an assembly line. Therefore, you will do the same exact thing every day for many years. A great way to stay motivated is to do quality work in the hopes you will receive a promotion or raise in the near future.

Money shouldn’t be your only motivating factor, but if it’s all you can think of then by all means put visions of dollar signs in your eyes.


If you do work a standard 9 to 5, another motivating factor should be planning for your retirement. You might hate your job but if you continue to perform well then you will have benefits and will have excellent retirement savings (hopefully). You may despise your current job but think of it as a stepping stone to a better life for you in the future. You will be rewarded for all your hard work eventually. Keep these positive thoughts swirling about in your head and it should prevent you from quitting your job.

Do it for the Children

Do you have children? If you do you need your job to provide for them. You need to give them an opportunity for a great future, hopefully by you working in a job that you don’t like (unfortunately) you can give them an opportunity to attend college and have a promising future. Your children should keep you motivated to clock in and clock out every day. Do it for them if not for yourself.

A Stepping Stone

Finally, perhaps your current job is a stepping stone to something else. If you truly dislike your job and have a few options available to you, then go for the gold and seek out your new employment when the opportunity is right. Just because you work in a factory doesn’t mean you will your entire life, you can build experience and move onto a new career at some point.

If possible, enroll in a few classes at the local university and see where it takes you while you work. If you always look to better your future by giving yourself an opportunity to succeed then that should keep you motivated as well. You can’t begin your career as a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. Even the most successful people in the world have to start somewhere, e.g., the mail room and cleaning toilets.

Don’t feel depressed if you are in a job that seems to be going nowhere, instead stay motivated with the above-mentioned suggestions.


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Authored by: Harrison Barnes