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• Aspire for quality service: work should be done honestly and the entire team working towards the sale of a particular product will have to be committed to the task and satisfy the customer. You should always aim to reach beyond the level of expectation of the customer.

• Have proper knowledge of your products: this is the first thing you must know before you try and sell products to the customer. Try to know your product inside out. This knowledge will earn you the customer’s trust and success in your project.

• Know the likes and dislikes of your customer: if you are well accustomed with the preference of your customers then only you will be able to approach them effectively. Talk to them about matters that go beyond the product. you need not built personal friendship with them but ask them things like their experiences with the company, enquire about the complains etc. this way you will be lead into the knowledge of the root of customer’s dissatisfaction.

• Deal with people with a lot of courtesy and respect for them: your intention is always to impress your customers. You must talk to them in a manner in which you leave an impression with your customers. So be impressive.

• Do not argue with your customers: the fact s that, your customers will not always be right. But you have to deal with the situation intelligently. You should try to fix the situation in the best way possible without being rude. A survey reveals that seven out of ten people will carry on business with a company a second time if the derive a judgment in their favor the first time.

• Do not have a laid back attitude: problems related to repairs, call backs e mails need immediate attention. Customers always expect immediate action. If you can meet their demands, they will revisit your company and do business with you again. Surveys reveal that during 95% of the times customers do repeated business if they have been attended to immediately.

• Promises are meant to be kept: always stick to your promises. This will earn you good will.

• Try to trust your customers and think that they are telling you the truth: sometimes customers manipulate the situation to reap advantage. That is always a possibility. However, you must assume that they are telling you the truth.

• Lay your focus on the customers and not entirely on sales.

• A product should be easily accessible so that the customers do not have to go through unnecessary formalities while buying.

Customer service jobs are plenty in the market. However, in order to do them successfully, you must go through proper customer service training. Call centre jobs are not too difficult if you acquire the proper customer service skills. if you want to go for one, customer service job description are available everywhere.

Authored by: Harrison Barnes