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• Q: a marketing manager’s job is dichotomous. Is it true? If this is true, how do marketing managers balance their dual roles?
• A: dichotomy is a clash between 2 ideas which are quite different from each other. There is no job which is dichotomous. A manager is expected to solve problems and bring harmony. He sometimes has to solve problems at workplace. This may involve dealing with 2 opposing views and then give out a judgment which will solve the matter. There is no dual role as such involved in the job of a marketing manager.
• Q: does the job of a marketing manager involve a lot of hard work? Is it a very tedious job involving a lot of stress? Does the job require us to be instant action and spontaneous decision taking? What are the best companies for this profession? Can someone work independently? Does a marketing manager have to work all through the year?
• Yes marketing managers do complain that their job is a very stressful job involving a lot of hard work. But how serious are you with the job and how passionately you do it all depends on you. You should try and figure out a fresh idea how to make a business bigger every day. Marketing manager jobs involves the exercise of your analytical skills regularly. The job gets tougher if you are assigned as the leader of a group or if you are organizing members. At some point of time in your marketing manager career, if you are allowed to work independently, the job gets really easy. It is always tougher to work in a group. When you are the head of a group, you need to be strict and aware of the proceedings of your group all the time. You also need to keep a backup plan with you just in case your first plan fails to succeed. Otherwise, you boss will really get annoyed with you. Your boss will be happy as long as you can yield them high profits and your customers visit and revisit you. When you are the leader of a group, your job is that of a marketing leader’s job.
• What kind of a salary is a marketing manager expected to get?
• The salary of a marketing manager depends on the industry in which he is working. There are other factors affecting the salary of a marketing manager like size of the company, location of offices etc. The salary increases with work experience. After some years in a marketing manager’s career, he is supposed to get a higher salary. If you are not happy with the present salary that your company is paying you, find out if there are marketing manager vacancies in other companies that offer a better salary.

Authored by: Harrison Barnes