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Silicon Valley Jobs

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If you wish to find the surest way to be able to find the right job for yourself, then you have to keep in mind the following points:

1. Try and find out what the perfect job means to you: You may pen down what activities you indulged in on your last job. Did you like any specific tasks/activities? Was there any specific area of work that you enjoyed doing the most?

2. Research: Instead of heading towards all sorts of San Francisco jobs, do a bit of research about the companies you are interested in. Visit their websites, search for them on the internet, read papers but do proper research.

3. Make a list: Prepare a list showcasing the ten companies you wish to apply for. Prepare another list featuring the ten ‘back up’ companies that you may apply if things do not work the way it ought to have been.

4. Plan: Do not randomly apply for different positions or San Francisco general jobs. Make a note of the departments/job profiles that you fit into in the organization.

5. Reach out: Make a note of the contact information. Figure out the best possible way to apply to the concerned department. If you think you know anyone in the organization and you think he/she might be helpful, do approach him/her earnestly.

6. Follow up: Even if you have applied for a San Francisco part time job, a follow up is utterly necessary.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes