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Report Encourages Plan For Green Jobs In Southern California

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The LA Times: The Los Angeles Business Council, citing a report it commissioned from the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, says that more than 11,000 local jobs could result from the creation of a solar energy program in the SoCal region.  In addition to the jobs, millions of dollars in tax revenue would also be generated by the wave of new clean-tech companies that would set up shop in the area to support a solar power initiative.

The plan, according to the council, would be funded by the city’s Department of Water and Power, and would encourage home and business owners to install solar panels at their homes and business premises.  Those who go solar will, under a twenty year contract with the utility, be able to sell back the power they don’t use to the grid.

Increased demand for solar products would stimulate local industry and manufacturing, creating more jobs.  In addition there are a large number of tax incentives for both businesses and individuals who install solar devices.

Report Encourages Plan For Green Jobs In Southern California by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes