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Yahoo! Advertisers Soon To Be Using adCenter

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microsoftadvertising_160x12By the end of October, Yahoo! advertisers will be using adCenter for their paid search campaigns, reports the company.  In the Yahoo! Advertising blog, they are encouraging users to transition their accounts before the official transition, so that they are “ready to reach more than 159 million searchers in the U.S. and 15 million searchers in Canada on Yahoo! Search, Bing” and their partners.

Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle, or Yahoo!, has been considering a new advertising partner for nearly ten years, and Yahoo! has been working with Microsoft, the managing company of adCenter, since 2007 on a possible transition.  In mid 2009 Microsoft acquired Yahoo! search and, essentially, the search engine Bing became the running force behind Yahoo!  The following December, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated that Microsoft was interested in providing a better platform for those advertising on Yahoo! in an interview with the Wall Street Journal: “Together we would have more advertisers…which means we’d have more relevant ads on our page. We’d have higher monetization levels possible in front of us because there would be more people bidding on more key words. Most importantly, Google would have perhaps a real credible competitor sooner.”

The transition should be beneficial for users, albeit lengthy as Yahoo! is expecting some difficulties in October since it will be the beginning of the biggest shopping season.  Nonetheless, Microsoft’s adCenter blog is encouraging: “Advertisers will operate one single account on Microsoft adCenter that will power search advertising campaigns across Bing and Yahoo!’s combined audience representing 31.6 percent of U.S. search market share.”

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes