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Saba Impressions Named Best Product of 2010 by Human Resources Magazine

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sabaimagesHuman Resource Executive Magazine has selected Saba Impressions as one of the best products of 2010.   Saba Impressions is a network-based, real-time, performance feedback application, produced by Saba, the premier people systems provider, headquartered at Saba Software Inc. in Redwood Shores, California.
Saba Impressions allows people in an organization to submit quick feedback on their colleagues along the same fashion as how Twitter operates.  Real-time feedback and communication opens up possibilities for employees to adjust their goals to corporate objectives, get the proper advice and development for job performance and to make quick adjustments via course-corrections based on the immediate, contextual feedback.
Saba Impressions will be awarded the top Human Resources Product of 2010 on September 29th at a special ceremony during the 13th Annual Human Resources Technology Conference and Expo in Chicago, Illinois.  To be considered for this award, the product is evaluated based on several factors including it’s innovation, its value to the human resources function, its ease of use, and on whether it delivers what was promised.
Editor of Human Resources Magazine David Shadovitz, explains the importance of the list, “Our goal has always been to identify products and services that clearly offer value to the HR community while demonstrating innovation. This solution represents the best of the HR marketplace and portrays a vision of what HR can achieve by harnessing the enterprise social network.”
Saba Impressions Named Best Product of 2010 by Human Resources Magazine by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes