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Tribal DDB and MobileBehavior Coming Together to Dominate Interactive Marketing

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ddbworldwide_160x120Award-winning digital ad agency Tribal DDB will be adding mobile advertising consultation firm MobileBehavior into their mix. Headquartered in New York City, Tribal DDB is ranked as one of the largest and most prestigious award-winning networks in the world. Employing over 1200 people in 54 offices in 36 countries, it is part of the Omnicoms Group’s DDB Worldwide.

Tribal DDB focuses on interactive marketing such as web banners, digital communication, microsites, online video, digital campaigns, and websites. As such, the addition of MobileBehavior will help DDB better provide its enormous client database which includes Philips, ExxonMobil, Microsoft, McDonalds, Volkswagen and others to, as MobileBehavior’s website reports, “seamlessly incorporate mobile communications into their overall marketing and media mix.”

MobileBehavior is already part of the Omnicrom Group, so the transition into Tribal DDB should be relatively painless. MobileBehavior specializes in educating other Omnicom agencies on the oppurtunities and best practice methods within the mobile industry. MobileBehavior will help Tribal DDB in the creation of its own mobile advertising centre so that they can do all their mobile work internally rather than needing outside companies.

In addition, MobileBehavior’s founder and President Alan Rambam will take on the position of Chief Mobile Officer of Tribal DDB.

Tribal DDB and MobileBehavior Coming Together to Dominate Interactive Marketing by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes