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Quad/Graphics Adding 1,300 Jobs in Wisconsin

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wisconsin_160x120Quad/Graphics Inc. is adding up to 1,300 new jobs in Wisconsin. According to, the Sussex-based company plans to filly 420 full-time and part-time jobs immediately.

Quad/Graphics is continuing to consolidate and expand operations following its recent acquisition of Montreal-based World Color. The company has already created about 250 jobs in Wisconsin in the last few months, which includes production, administration and managerial positions. Overall, the company has about 6,700 employees in the state.

“We are pleased to be bringing jobs to Wisconsin and building on the strong foundation we already have in place,” said Joel Quadracci, chairman, president and CEO of Quad/Graphics. “With our recent acquisition of World Color, we are moving quickly to consolidate plants to create the most modern and efficient manufacturing platform. To that end, we are moving client work into our most efficient facilities. While we have many options on where we can place the work, a key factor for Wisconsin receiving the most significant portion is Governor Doyle’s commitment to helping us retain and grow jobs.”
The state of Wisconsin is providing $46 million in enterprise zone tax credits to help the company’s expansion. The company’s expansion plans include the restarting of equipment that’s been shut down since 2009 in the midst of the economic recession. Quad/Graphics is also investing in new equipment and technology, reported.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes