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Establish Your Presence in the Workplace

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For this, one needs to be subtle. The solution lies in gaining relevant and focused exposure without spending your resources haphazardly. This article deals with some strategies to help you stand out from the crowd, but their application would vary from case to case with the overwhelming need to be subtle and crush out all indications of arrogance from personal behavior and actions.

More work at your desk would likely be overlooked, but more work across desks won’t

Not all the action in the company takes place at your desk. In most workplaces, there are parallel projects going on, and there might well be some projects you would like to be part of, and which would help you either to learn, or more essentially display your skills. Before asking for permission from a superior, you need to list the parallel projects where you can contribute constructively, and then need to sort them according to their importance to the company. The first priority is the importance of the project and the second one is the level of constructive contribution you can probably make to the project. After you have chosen your pick, volunteer yourself for the project, and go and speak with concerned superiors. Try to be sure that not only the project leader, but also his or her immediate superior is aware about your involvement.

Take an interest in other verticals besides your own and expand your network

You never know when somebody can be in a position to help you out. One of the best ways to expand your relationship across verticals is to research about other verticals and forward interesting and relevant news and information to concerned people. For example, you might be working in marketing, but you come across a latest article on new free software for graphic artists. Passing that information to graphic artists in your company, even if you do not know them personally, would put you in their good books, and you might get some replies in thanks. From there you can take relationships forward if you wish to.

Always try to be present at meetings where attending is at your discretion

Most companies keep a tag on who attends optional meetings and who does not. In many companies, it ultimately grows into an exclusive club of employees with whom the employers feel more comfortable. Make it a point never to pass up attending optional meetings if you can. The importance is not in the event but in the fact of your presence.

While you know most things about establishing your presence at your workplace, the above points are often overlooked or ignored, and that is why they have been discussed here. Another thing, pride rarely leads to power, and this is why it is important to curb all visible expressions of pride in your personal skills and work. Act happy about your work and you get positive returns, act proud and you would draw ire, even though you have all rights to be proud of your achievements.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes