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HR.Com Launches New Free Service For Members

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Post Views 45, the largest social community dedicated to human resources with 194,000 members, is now offering free industry metrics and personalized company scorecards for all registered members. The service was launched in partnership with OrcaEyes, a leading authority on business-workforce analytics.

According to a press release, and OrcaEyes formed the partnership to help organizations overcome, what they believe, are the two major challenges with metrics and data in the human capital space. Those are, people don’t have a simple way to formulate or calculate relevant metrics and then compare their results to others; and, when people do have access to the formulas and data, they usually are unaware of how to correlate the results to underlying business objectives.

With SonarVision On Demand, users upload a simple HRIS file with 5-10 fields and within 24 hours, the organization receives a 20-page report with information that enables them to better determine which talent initiatives can provide the most value to the business and identify possible problem areas needing to be addressed.

“When we saw OrcaEyes’ SonarVision on Demand product, we knew every HR professional worldwide would benefit from the metrics reported in the free ,” said Debbie McGrath, CEO of and Chair of the Institute for Human Resources Workforce Planning and Metrics Program. “The system is, fundamentally an “on-demand” workforce planning and human capital analytics solution that delivers highly sought after workforce diagnostics. There is no other system like it in the market today and we are eager to provide this tool to our members.”

More details are available at OrcaEyes will be presenting at the Workforce Planning and Analytics Workshop December 1 and 2nd in San Francisco and invites you to attend the program on a complimentary pass (valued at $1,295.00 ) available from their website.

HR.Com Launches New Free Service For Members by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes