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Thanksgiving Ad of St. Paul Bar in Minnesota Faces Protest

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minnesota_logo Station 280 Sports Bar in St. Paul, Minnesota received numerous complaints from local residents regarding their recent Thanksgiving advertisement campaign. The ad carried the headline “Drink like an Indian. Party like a Pilgrim” and showcased a scantily clad woman dressed in a Pocahontas costume and cartoon images next to her of a Native American and a cowboy sitting drunk on a floor. The said ad was made to boost the bar’s drink specials from Wednesday to Saturday.

The ad was removed following a few hundred complaints made to Jessica Nordin, the bar’s marketing manager. The image was also removed from the bar’s Facebook page. “We sincerely didn’t think this many people would get offended. The bar was simply trying to be edgy” said Nordin. She added that the bar received more than 75 angry phone calls the next morning when the ad was released, so they pulled the ad. Nordin also revealed that they will be making a donation to a Native American alcohol abuse foundation to make up with the aggrieved parties.

Thanksgiving Ad of St. Paul Bar in Minnesota Faces Protest by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes