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Lake City HR Director: Thing Of The Past?

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14132729wnnuwi0lNot only has the human resources director of Lake City, South Carolina been terminated, but along with her, the position was cut as well.

The City Assistant Administrator, John Whittleton, gave Vernon A. Williams the news last week that she would have to be let go.

According to Williams, in her ten years working for Lake City, she has never been cited for any disciplinary reason. She was told that her employment was “costing the city too much money.”

“I think it was discrimination because I’m a female,” said Williams. “Male employees are forever being slapped on their wrists.”

The mayor of Lake City, Lovith Anderson Jr. confirmed Williams’ termination and said that her duties have been reassigned to other city employees. He also said that he would not be able to discuss the issue in an interview, as it was a personnel issue.

Lake City HR Director: Thing Of The Past? by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes