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Faculties at SIU Face Layoffs and Pay Cuts

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The Southern Illinois University faculties are now bracing themselves for upcoming layoffs and pay cuts as the university plans to increase its savings by cutting its manpower. Based on the reports, the slated job cuts and pay cuts will affect more than 80 teachers at SIU. The Non-Tenure Track Faculty Association revealed that as of today, nine people have already received their layoff notices while 76 were informed that their hours will be cut. The NTT officers have been bargaining with the university officials since July to avoid the layoffs and pay cuts.

In a statement released by the SIU Chancellor, Rita Cheng, she said that other options are still being explored. Cheng mentioned that she is still hoping that all parties involved will reach a resolution that won’t involve layoffs and pay cuts. However, she noted that the collective bargaining agreements contain certain notification requirements for reductions in force that the University must meet. In order to stop the job cuts, the chancellor made an alternative proposal to have four campus-wide closure days to generate savings of over $2 million dollars. “The proposed layoffs would provide the same amount of savings for the University as the proposed closure days.”

Meanwhile, NTT President Michael Smith said that the students will pay the price for the university’s decision. “The university targeted its most senior non tenured faculty members. If you cut us, you’re going to harm the student’s experience at SIU.” The Illinois Education Association said that bargaining sessions are scheduled with the university on January 4-6, 2011 to finalize the details of the issue.

Faculties at SIU Face Layoffs and Pay Cuts by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes