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Teens are Highly Susceptible to Cigarette Advertising

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people_logo Pediatrics journal revealed that a recent study in Germany found that teenagers are easily influenced by cigarette advertisements. The study said that cigarette ads play a vital role in attracting teen smokers. The researchers behind the study gathered the data through a survey of 2102 non-smoking adolescents, between 10-17 years old, to gauge the effect of advertising on young people’s behavior. Researchers showed masked images of six cigarette advertisements to respondents, as well as eight commercial control products. The cigarette brand advertisings included in the study were Pall Mall, Marlboro, F6, Gauloises, L&M and Lucky Strike, which all belong to the eight most popular brands in Germany.

The study found out that about 13% of the respondents, or 277 teenagers, had started smoking after nine months of being exposed to the cigarette ads. Around 10% had tried smoking in the low-exposure group, 12% in the medium-exposure group and 19% in the high-exposure group.

The study further explained: “Our results support the notion of a content-related effect of cigarette advertisements and underlines the specificity of the relationship between tobacco marketing and teen smoking; exposure to cigarette advertisements, but not other advertisements, is associated with smoking initiation.” The study also warned that if this trend continues, smoking will kill more than one billion people worldwide by the 21st century. The study proves that teen smokers have clearly made a strong connection with cigarette advertising.

Teens are Highly Susceptible to Cigarette Advertising by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes