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Signature Brands Bringing Popcorn Plant to Florida

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signature brandsBolstered by a $2 Million incentive package from city, county and state programs, Signature Brands has decided to relocated its popcorn plant from Chicago to Ocala, Florida.  The plant, which costs the company about $250,000 per month to operate, will generate immediate and long term jobs.  According to the company, 80 to 100 people will be hired up front and the plant will peak out at around 250 jobs during the busy season.  Signature Brands produces the popcorn that comes in the decorative tin cans ubiquitous in ever large retail and grocery store throughout Christmas, so the busiest time of the year begins in August as the plant gears up for holiday shopping.

The new facility is expected to begin operations in April and will produce approximately nine million pounds of popcorn per year and will also manufacture the decorative tins.  In addition, the company is looking to expand its year round business by selling bagged popcorn for redistribution to other brands.

Signature Brands Bringing Popcorn Plant to Florida by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes