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Jobs in PR – Common Myths about Success in PR Internship Opportunities

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Why is that, myths arise? A simple reason maybe accounted to the fact that PR jobs are generally witnessed from the outside and therefore people tend to make up a lot of things that ‘might be happening in the job’. This is of course from the point of view of the interested lot and not from the view of the working professional. This article therefore seeks to burst myth bubbles (mostly) and some that is indeed facts but wrongly interpreted as myths.

Common Myth about PR Internship #1: 24×7 Flexible Work

PR internship jobs are not PR professional jobs – mind it! They are as much office based jobs that they are on-site ones. For interns, it is the opportunity of serving in a firm as a PR professional (future) and therefore any pre conceived notions about the job can prove detrimental to their career. It is best to leave the mindset at home and continue with the job your entrusted with. It maybe a 24×7 work for the top brass but not so for the trainee – for whom responsibilities are not that much.

Common Myth about PR Internship #2: The ‘Street Smart’ Factor

You need to be smart and open minded when in a PR job. Here, it pays to be a creative person. The creative will come up with ideas while the hard worker will just be a stereotype. The ‘street smart’ factor does not come into play much if you’re a sincere and creative worker. That means if your interpersonal skills are good, there is no stopping you.

Common Myth about PR Internship #3: Good and bad Publicity

Not every publicity is good publicity. In case of companies and their products, bad publicity can always be detrimental especially if you belong to the FMCG group! Therefore never take chances with negative publicity. A major part of the PR intern is to train as a publicist but not at the cost of taking wild and random decisions.

Common Myth about PR Internship #4: Media Coverage

Media perhaps plays the most important role in everything today. Be it the television or the internet, the media is everywhere. To be a good PR intern you also need to know how to handle the media. In course of time, building a network with them would be a good idea so that the media does not veto against your promotional activities. Controversy creation is something that can be best done by the media!

Common Myth about PR Internship #5: PR and the Recessional Bubble

Post recession, there are huge employment opportunities for the PR intern. However as industry experts would put it, only the best of the lot are retained while the rest are still kept under further training. The recessional bubble is almost deflated and hence it is time for some fresh recruitment!

Jobs in PR - Common Myths about Success in PR Internship Opportunities by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes