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Marketing PR Jobs – Top 10 Tips to Get Hired by a Marketing PR Firm

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Getting Hired Top Tip #1: Redo Your Resume

You might have a lot of skills and experience backing you but if you do not have the ability to market yourself with your resume, you will be knocked off in the first round itself! One might not know but your employers will see the effort made in the resume to sell yourself to the marketing PR firm!

Getting Hired Top Tip #2: Your Skill Set

Related skill sets are a must for bagging a job with a Marketing PR firm along with equivalent formal degrees. However if you have many years of experience in a related field on your back, formal degrees tend to be put up in the resume for formal reasons only.

Getting Hired Top Tip #3: Responsibility and Accountability

A marketing PR professional’s job is one with great responsibilities and much accountability. Therefore it goes without saying that you as an interviewee have to impress this ability of yours to the panel as and when possible.

Getting Hired Top Tip #4: Computers

The world is run by computers and frankly speaking, if you’re not computer (tech) savvy, you wouldn’t go higher up on the ladder.

Getting Hired Top Tip #5: Using Social Networking

The skill that you show while communicating with your online friends will also be required here because of the ‘PR’ clause in the job. Twitter and blogging would have to be used regularly by you as a marketing PR exec. The importance of such online sites has increased so much that one cannot overlook the impact of these.

Getting Hired Top Tip #6: Soft Skills

Marketing and PR guys have one of the toughest jobs in the world – to attract and convince their customers in an age of globalization and immense competition! Your soft skills have to be top notch undoubtedly!

Getting Hired Top Tip #7: Looking Good

When meeting someone in person or even at office, you have to look your best all the time and be battle ready 24×7!

Getting Hired Top Tip #8: Prior Experience

Prior experience always helps and more so in marketing based jobs. Your interview panel will therefore expect something more and in-depth when you have experience backing you.

Getting Hired Top Tip #9: Marketing, what else!

From the first meeting, you have to show that you are bankable enough and are ‘born’ for a marketing job, nothing less!

Getting Hired Top Tip #10: Pleasing the Interview Board

Last but not the least definitely, your interview board will have to be pleased and convinced that you’re the best candidate for the job – market yourself but no hard selling!

Marketing PR Jobs - Top 10 Tips to Get Hired by a Marketing PR Firm by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes