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Achieve Healthy Self-Esteem in Your Career

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Knowing Your Skills
Everything you do is a result of a decision or a choice. While you were children, whether to study or not to study, what to study; and now when you have a career, what you want to choose as a career, where do you want to work and how far do you want to take your career. In order to make these choices you rule your life in complete consciousness. You look at somebody, and you like the person, it is not because they are externally beautiful but because they have beauty within them. You like the confidence, and the intellect they have. To be intelligent and confident is their choice and not sheer luck. This is self-actualization; recognizing gift of nature. Make correct choices for yourself knowing your skills. We need to identify these qualities within us and plan our career accordingly.

Self Analysis
Do an honest self analysis. Note down all positive and negative attributes present in you which can either be helpful for your career or can bring your career down. Accept the negatives in you and try to convert them into positive aspect. Similarly, you also need to develop your existing positive attributes. Look around you and find people who can help you in overcoming your negatives and enriching your positive attributes. You may use the technique of giving self suggestions. This way you can be both – happy and successful, in your career as well as in personal life.

Forgive and Learn
Accept your imperfection!! Forgive yourself for taking wrong decisions! Forgive and learn from your experiences, but do not carry its load. No one can change the past, nor can you. Live your present to the fullest and brighten your future.

Respect Yourself and be Thankful
Honor and treat yourself with gratitude. Be a friend of yourself. Be a good listener and learn to be happy giving things. Bring a smile on someone’s face, whether at home or at your workplace; and that will make you happy. Be humble and thank your parents, seniors and god. Live with gratitude for all you have in life – your talent, and your pleasures. This will give you love, peace, and progress.

Self Acceptance
Do not lead a life governed by others, but live the life of fate you give to yourself. Make kind acts and with focused determinations you can achieve what ever you want in your career. Accept yourself completely and love yourself for what you are. Treat yourself with self-esteem and you will be performing the best in your careers. Take the responsibility of what you do and be ready to face repercussions of taking wrong decisions. This will not only lead your career towards progress but will be boosting your self esteem.

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Achieve Healthy Self-Esteem in Your Career by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes