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No One Wants the Bosses Job

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The good ole’ days were when someone wanted the job of their boss. However, times are changing and employees are not so eager to snag the job of their boss. A poll was taken by an independent company that came up with some really interesting results.

· Most employees think their boss does an awesome job

· Younger employees were the ones who wanted their boss’s position.

· Some employee’s thought they could do a better job than their boss.

Management is not all lollipops and gumdrops. Instead, being a manger means making heavy decisions for the company. Some of those decisions are not easy and does not make everyone happy. A management role is not for everyone and you would soon discover if it was not for you.

There are two different aspects of being an employee. Being a leader and being an effective working person does not always mean you are cut out to becoming a manager. A great manager instead, will spend time motivating his employees and building up morale.

What kind of traits does an effective leader have?

1. An effective manager knows how to motivate and influence his or her employees. While the influence should not be used in a negative way, it is still a very effective trait.

2. Communication is a top priority in a lead. A leader should be able to communicate with fellow managers and employees. A leader is also clear in his or her communication and is easily understood.

3. Flexibility is a wonderful quality in a leader or manager. A workday will not always go how you plan but flexibility helps a leader handle those off days.

4. Integrity and understanding are effective leadership qualities. The people who work under you should be able to trust you. Also, a leader should have a good mix between understanding the employees and expecting hard work out of them.

“The biggest mistake a leader can make is be stupid,” former Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) president and CEO, Mike Losey.

A natural leader and boss have a great built in knowledge. It is something you are born with and you eventually gain more of through experience and education. If you are looking to get out of a regular job position and into management, then you should know what it takes to become more of a leader. “HR professionals that want to rise through the ranks to leadership positions need to get outside their comfort zones”, stated John Barbieri, global head of HR for Ironshore Insurance.

Whichever goals you have in management, you cannot just sit around and wait for them to happen. Instead of waiting you can start taking action now. Most companies, who are looking for a manager, are looking for someone who will show initiative and leadership from the start.

No One Wants the Bosses Job by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes