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Social Media and Advertisement

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Some reputable businesses are planning to use social media to advertise for their company, brand, or business. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will be just some of the many sites that will display advertisements from various companies and brands. However, while advertisements will be displayed for the general public, employees of those companies who produce the ads will not be able to access some of the websites.

Research shows that companies who advertise on social networking websites tend to earn more each year. Consumers are more likely to click on advertisements while they are logged into certain social media sites. This is particularly true for software companies such as McAfee and Symantec. A survey showed that while social media advertisements have reached more than $5 billion dollars this year, those advertisements will continue to grow and will likely reach more than $8 billion dollars in 2012. Advertisements on social networking websites will continue to grow as more businesses become successful.

A research analyst for Gartner, Neha Gupta, says, “Marketers will begin to transition from onetime placement and click of ads toward ongoing engagement with the Internet user and will therefore allocate a higher percentage of their advertising budget to social networking sites.” Gupta has also said, “This is mainly because social networking sites, with the help of social analytic firms, are able to unlock the interconnected data structures of users – mapping lists of friends, their comments and messages, photos and all their social connections, contact information and associated media.”

In the past few years, there have been major advances in technology and so many people have access to the Internet like never before. Because the Internet has become so easily accessible, more people are likely to become members of popular social networking sites. In fact, over 250 million people are using the Facebook social networking site alone. Twitter has also announced that it has over 175 million registered users. When companies choose to advertise for their business or brand on these popular social networking website, millions of consumers from all over the world will see the advertisements which can truly make or break a company.

Companies and businesses all over the world are excited about advertising on social media because it is a great way to get the consumers attention. Because so many people in the world log onto social networking sites on a regular basis, the potential for businesses that advertise on the sites to expand is definitely there. While the thought of advertising on social mediate sites is fantastic for most companies, employees of some of these businesses that advertise on social networking sites will often be restricted from some areas of these sites.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes