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Job Ideas for Aging Workers

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After a long, fulfilling career, you can afford to take a less stressful job. These five job ideas provide you with a satisfying, yet less taxing workweek. With social interaction, schedule flexibility and no requirement of an advanced degree, these jobs are great ideas for workers over 50.

Grant Coordinator
Median Pay: $47,800

If you have solid writing skills and a passion for a nonprofit, you may have the skills needed to work as a grant coordinator. Over 1.5 million nonprofit organization rely on grants to keep its programs up and running, especial during this shaky economy. Many grant coordinators work as freelance consultants, which gives you the opportunity to have control over your workload and schedule. As a grant coordinator you can work with nonprofits, school, or government agencies.

Online Content Marketing Writer
Median Pay: $51,900

A background in writing and marketing will help you transition into an online content marketing writer. With the ever-growing popularity of the Internet and social media, companies are turning to the online world to market their products or services. As a marketing writing you will collaborate with the company’s marketing staff to make sure that your online content correlates with the company’s goals. Most marketing writers work as freelancers, which gives you a great amount of flexibility.

Health Educator
Median Pay: $63,300

As a heath educator, you get to spend your time spreading the word about wellness. You will need a bachelor’s degree in health education to land an entry-level position. You can also expand your resume by gaining experience through an internship or volunteer position. A health educator’s job can go in a variety of different routes. Whether you want to educate students about exercise importance, or teach patients about lifestyle changes needed, you provide care much like a doctor or nurse.

Fitness Consultant
Median Pay: $34,000

With a strong background in fitness, you can transition into a job as a fitness consultant. If you have a variety of different wellness certifications, you will have even greater credibility as an expert, which will make your search even easier. As a fitness consultant you will craft weight loss, rehabilitation and exercise routines for your clients. You get the opportunity to set your own rates, choose your own schedule, and design your own programs to help both the youth and elderly live a healthier life.

Substitute Teacher
Median Pay: $28,100

Qualifications are different from state to state. Most districts require that you have a bachelor’s degree and pass a competency test. If you plan to stay longer, you may need a certification. As a substitute teacher, you are more than simply a babysitter. You should work to keep students focused on their work, and maintain order with a positive environment during the substitute teacher’s absence. As a substitute teacher over 50, you will have the opportunity to share your lifetime of experience with bright young students.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes