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Technology Playing a Bigger Part in the Workplace

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Many employers tend to limit employees’ access to such social networking sites as Facebook and Twitter. A recent study, however, showed that college students and college graduates fresh into a new job may be making career choices based on a particular company’s policy of technological devices and online freedom.

The 2011 Cisco Connected World Technology Report focused on students and graduates who have recently found employment. The most noteworthy finding is that over half of the people who completed an online survey considered the Internet an “integral part” of their lives. Nearly half listed the Internet as “close” in significance to basic needs such as water, food, air and shelter, while a third conceded that the Internet was equally important.

While not an overwhelming percentage, a number of students claimed that they may not accept employment with a company that does not allow social media access with a device(s) provided by the company.  Some of students and workers stated that they would join a company for a lower salary if the company’s work schedule and policy on technological devices was less rigid. Similarly, roughly a third of the students believe that relaxed schedules and access to personal devices and social media will carry more weight than salary when choosing a job.

Well over half of the students will be asking potential employees about company policies relating to social media and devices. Approximately 40 percent of the workers surveyed claimed that an accommodating policy on personal devices was used to attract employees, while about 30 percent credit their social media dexterity in securing their present employment.

The majority of the students and employees believe that a laptop or mobile device issued by the company should be allowed for personal use as well. Many of the students would prefer that the company allot them a budget so that they can purchase their own smartphone or computer. While many students assume that a company will cover an accompanying data plan, most companies, according to the employees’ survey results, will not be paying for that service.

Numerous students are anticipating a flexible schedule and the ability to work remotely by accessing the company’s network from elsewhere. Based on the employees’ responses, there may be hurdles to such remote connection, as some companies do not allow information to be accessed in different locations or require different devices for varying applications.

Apparently, even personal life is affected by new technology. An abundance of students would, if having to choose between the two, prefer the Internet over social activities. Some of them place more importance on Facebook updates than time with friends.

More than 1400 students and 1400 employees participated in the survey. The students and young professionals were from 14 different countries – approximately 100 per each category and country – including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia, India, China, Japan and Australia.

Technology Playing a Bigger Part in the Workplace by
Authored by: karmstrong