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Advertising Fun for the Holidays

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Tinsley Advertising decided to have a little fun for the Halloween holiday. Employers were asked to dress up as their favorite advertisement mascot or icon and compete with one another for fun and for prizes. Employers could dress up as just about any advertisement mascot/icon that they could think of.

The senior vice president of Tinsley Advertising, John Underwood, says, “It’s a way to build camaraderie and show off creative talents.” September is typically one of the slowest months for advertising. Having a costume contest that had to do with advertising would be fun and would also keep the employees encouraged during such a slow period. Sandy Tinsley, the founder of Tinsley advertising, has said, “It’s probably the toughest year this agency has seen in 37 years.” While the agency is going through a tough year, it is important for employees to stay positive.

Because of the downward spiraling economy, many companies, including Tinsley Advertising, are forced to work harder to provide excellent advertisements that will grab the consumer’s attention and bring in new customers for the products. While the work is hard, Tinsley advertising believes in motivating its employees, which is why the Halloween costume party was such a success.

Robert Preziosi, a professor at Nova Southeastern University, spoke about the challenges that many companies are facing. Preziosi says, “Ideally, you like to see a nice uptick in the fourth quarter because that becomes how you start the next year.” He also says, “If business is moderate or down, there’s an attitude that develops and you are not in a good place when you look toward the next 12 months.”

For agencies like Tinsley Advertising, it is important that employees work to build an entirely different platform each year. As technology continues to grow and expand, changes are constantly being made to the way consumers view advertisements and advertising agencies have to keep up with the madness. Sandy Tinsley claims that the employees at her agency are working harder than they have ever had to work before. The employees are working on creative advertisements and presentations that will surpass all of the competing advertisement agencies. When asked about the changes being made at the agency, Tinsley says, “We are encouraging them to throw their heart and soul into the presentation.” Tinsley also said, “The whole agency is behind them.”

The president of Tinsley, Jim Flanagan, claims that the employees are actually thrilled with having to work harder. These employees enjoy working on projects that have to be outstanding to compete with other advertisements being displayed. While the pressure is on at Tinsley Advertising, it seems as though the employees work well through these types of situations.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes