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Escape Your Career and Start Your Own Small Business

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Yes, it is true that small business start-ups are the very fire that is living inside of capitalism. But try not to forget that they can also be powerful agents for a personal change within your life. You can begin to create your own job just the way that you would like it to be, and maybe one day there will be dozens of other business that have your name on them as well, you can build your own bank account, and even find some satisfaction that is not usually found in a corporate position. With a startup, you get to be the master of your own future. You can make it, create it and build it however you see fit. You get to build this business from the ground up.

It is common knowledge that having to build up your own business can be something that is potentially a risky thing; 95 percent of startups fail within the first 10 years or so, this is all according to the Small Business Administration. But for those who try and make it, life can be very good. The trick is to try and start small and make your way up on the survival scale.

Key To Success:
The key to success was surviving the early years. Try doing the little jobs first. And don’t get too discouraged if your business doesn’t take off immediately. Nothing is ever going to happen as soon as you want it to. That’s not life, life is working for your dream and fighting for what you want the most.

From Startup To Sale:
The most rewarding aspect of the journey was getting a good management team in place to enable you to take some time off after years of 60 to 90 hour workweeks. Building that management team also enabled growth to occur more and more comfortably.

”Chicken Lips…” is a chronicle of books all devoted to telling the story of the entrepreneur’s life from startup to sellout. The story line of ”Chicken Lips…” is a reminder that small business startups let people take charge of their destinies. Unfortunately in the U.S. today this power force is underutilized. Our entrepreneurial landscape needs to be more like Hong Kong’s dynamic economy by encouraging all of the business startups, whether they are one-person shops, or whether they are multipartner enterprises. Whether tiny or big, startups can spell success for everyone that just happens to be involved. Just mix in the human desire for the independence and economic self-determination with good products and services, commercial credit from the banks and from the investors, and great things are bound to happen. This is a recipe that is a few thousands of years old and when properly nourished, has never failed before.

Escape Your Career and Start Your Own Small Business by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes