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Ensure Success for New Employees

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After being hired for a new position, the first three months seem to be the most important. It is important for an employee to do a good job within those first few months so that they can prove that they were a good choice for the position. However, if the employer does not do a good job, the company could end up wasting a lot of their time.

A Human Resources senior manager in British Columbia, Christian Codrington, says, “Turnover is upwards of 30 percent in the first three months.” The senior manager also explains that if the employee chosen for the job is not a good fit, the company wastes time looking for a new employee to fit the position and they also waste money in the meantime.

For major companies, the cost of a replacement or a new employee will not necessarily be a big deal. However, smaller businesses can truly suffer from having to waste time finding a new employee and pay for a replacement. If businesses truly want their new employees to succeed with them, there are several steps they will need to take to make sure that this happens.

The first step to ensuring that the employee will succeed with the business and that everything will work smoothly, is to create a list of important things that need to be done for the employee is actually hired. Other employees should be aware that a new employee is going to be hired within the next few weeks or months. The potential employee should receive information about the business, how they operate, how much they will be paid, what types of benefits they will receive as an employee of the company, and what their specific job will be.

A human resources consultant in Toronto, Sari Friedman, has said, “Make sure [new employees] have an understanding of the things that are close to people’s hearts, like benefits and when they are going to be paid.” Friedman also says, “You need to take care of those basic things first.”

Another important step is for the company to provide a workable area for the employee. When an employee has their own personal space, and that space is in a decent location, the employee will have a better chance to succeed with the business. They will also feel more welcomed and appreciated while they are at work. Christian Codrington says, “I was a co-op student for a financial consulting firm years ago and for the first two weeks, I had a chair … from the lunch room.” He also says, “I sat in the hallway and my desk was a bunch of financial management books and a phone they had wired up … people are kind of chuckling at you as they walk by.”

Overall, if a business wants to prevent losing employees within the first three months, they need to work with their employees to make sure that the employee is comfortable in their place of work while still getting all of the work completed for the business.

Ensure Success for New Employees by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes