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Women and Alcohol Advertisements

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Women are becoming the new face for alcohol advertisements. Whether it is beer, liquor, or specialty drinks, women are being targeted for alcohol advertisements all over. Not only are women being targeted for alcohol advertisements, moms are also being targeted.

One example is Mommy’s Time Out which is a wine that is specifically targeted to women. The label of this wine shows a chair that is set into a corner and a bottle of wine on a table alongside of a wine glass. There have been other rival wines that are also targeting moms and women especially. These advertisements are basically telling women that they deserve to have a drink or two, after all, they are moms and live a hectic and busy life.

The founder of a separate wine, MommyJuice, Cheryl Murphy Durzy, says, “My kids are 8 and 4, and they call my wine, ‘Mommy’s juice.’ Lots of kids I know do this. Moms love talking about why they need MommyJuice, things like their kids wetting the bed. ‘Can’t wait for MommyJuice!’”

Some studies show that drinking is actually on the rise for women. When asked about what she thinks of people complaining about too many feminine alcohol advertisements, Durzy says, “I think it’s sexist.” She also says, “For years, men have been relaxing at the end of the day. Does anyone ever say anything about a dad who has a beer at the ball game? No. Anyhow, I find it hard to believe that an alcoholic would want to drink a $10 bottle of wine with MommyJuice on it!”

Aside from MommyJuice, there is also Girls’ Night Out which is another wine. It is obvious that many new alcoholic beverages being introduced are also targeting women instead of traditionally targeting men. And aside from these two, there are also other selections of alcoholic beverages that are being created and designed specifically with women in mind. What are some of these beverages? Well, Mike’s Hard Lemonade now makes Pink Lemonade too with hopes of attracting more consumers who are women. Smirnoff makes light versions of some of their drinks, thinking specifically of women who may be dieting or trying to lose weight but still want to have a drink or two.

Some other companies that produce alcoholic beverages are making fruity flavored beverages and colorful beverages with the hopes of getting attention from women. Many people believe women have the authority, so why not advertise for these alcoholic beverages with women in mind instead of advertising for just men. Women drink too which means they deserve to have advertisements that they can relate to.

Alcoholic beverage advertisements being targeted towards women first started in the mid-90’s and has since continued to grow. There are now more alcohol advertisements designed for women than there ever were before.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes