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Advertising and Holiday Shoppers

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Black Friday is a day that most people know about because it just so happens to be one of the best days for shopping and getting some of the most amazing deals on different items. Black Friday takes place on the Friday right after Thanksgiving Thursday and is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. In fact, it is just about the busiest shopping day. Most people go out looking to find great deals on items for themselves along with getting great deals on items that will be given to friends and family members for Christmas, according to MarketWatch.

This year, Black Friday was a sure success and aerial advertisers deserve some of the credit for such success. The truth is, different advertisers paid millions of dollars to create all types of advertisements which displayed sale items for the Black Friday special. These advertisements were shown to shoppers in commercials on television and online along with radio advertisements and even flyers that were passed out by certain stores. But, even with all of the different advertisements, lots of shoppers tend to forget about the sales when they are on television and on paper.

The founder of AirSign Inc., Patrick Walsh, says, “Imagine targeting the crowd of shoppers with your company’s name or product while they are shopping!” Walsh also says, “As they shop, they look up to see the name of your company or product flying above them. For some, it may be just the reminder or suggestion they need for that ‘hard-to-buy-for’ person.”

Some may be confused by what Walsh is trying to say. However, what he is speaking about is how his company, AirSign Inc uses a unique way to advertise for certain products and sales. AirSign’s uses banner ads, helicopter ads, blimps, and even skywriting to advertise for products and services. This is something that is actually unbelievably effective. Airplanes can pass over shoppers in the parking lot while displaying an important message about products, services, and even sales.

An aerial banner is a strip of nearly invisible material displaying a message written in clearly visible seven-foot tall letters that is pulled behind an airplane. The plane passes over the shoppers repeatedly, each time reinforcing the message in their minds. All of the different types of signs that are used by AirSign are quite effective, especially for shoppers who may have forgotten about certain sales and specials.

Walsh says, “Christmas season is a perfect time to take advantage of aerial advertising,” He also says, “It is the ideal way to put an aerial ‘flyer’ before the eyes of the public at the very time they are most likely to act on it.” AirSign Inc. has been in business since 1997 and has been providing customers with aerial advertising ever since.

Advertising and Holiday Shoppers by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes