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Gingrich and Romney Scuffle over negative Ads

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As the republican nomination continues, the two leading candidates, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, continue to denunciate each other of dirty politics as Mitt Romney tells Gingrich, “If he can’t stand the heat of primary politics, he should get out of the kitchen” Previously, Newt Gingrich had asked Romney to end his negative campaigning, according to the Pocono Record.

Politics has gone to a whole new bracket as it switches from defending yourself and your position to accusing your opponent of being a complainer. Romney claims that if Gingrich wants to make it to the top, he needs to toughen up. Romney stated on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, “I’m sure I can go out and say, ‘hey, please don’t do anything negative. But you know, this is politics and if you can’t stand the heat in this little kitchen, wait until the Obama Hell’s Kitchen turns up the heat. Look, this is a time when we have to be able to stand up and defend ourselves.”

During an afternoon entrance in Manchester, N., Gingrich counter attacked back by saying, “If he wants to test the heat, I’ll meet him anywhere in Iowa next week one on one, 90 minutes, no moderator.” Gingrich was not done letting the heat out as he blurted, “Let’s test this kitchen. I’m happy. I’ll go in the kitchen. Go back and ask Governor Romney, would he like to play in the kitchen? I don’t think so. I don’t think he wants to do anything but hide over here and pretend it’s not his fault that he is flooding the people of Iowa with falsehoods.”

Gingrich accuses his rivals spent millions in attacking him with negative ads. “We just keep going cheerfully forth and telling the truth,” he said. “My message publicly is, it had better be positive,” he told the host. “Because I will disown it and I will attack it.” Romney denies accusations that Gingrich claims as he believes Gingrich is just whining and needs to toughen up.

The ads continue as Romney accuses him of having financial ties to Freddie Mac and being a supporter of taxpaying abortions. The political pole is getting pretty heated as Romney and Newt battle each other tooth and nail as Gingrich spokesperson regrettably says Romney is, “either a lying politician or a piece of sh*t.” The comment was intended to be off record, non-the-less Spokesperson RC Hammond was forced to apologize for his rudimentary outlandish comment.

There are less than three weeks until the January 3rd conferences and the candidates are neck and neck; the new Rasmussen Reports poll release on Wednesday showed Romney leading in Iowa with twenty-five percent ahead of Paul with twenty percent and Gingrich with seventeen percent. However, three other current polls have shown Paul with the best campaign organization in the entire state, and leading the pack. Maybe the heated politics aren’t looking so good for Romney and Gingrich as Paul takes the lead.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes