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Kindle Success and In-Book Advertisements

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There is an increasing amount of people who are using the Kindle as a means of reading books instead of buying the traditional paperback or hardback book. In fact, the Kindle was definitely a popular gift this year for the holiday season. More and more people are beginning to realize the convenience of this product.

In fact, it is predicted that the sales of ebooks will continue to increase and will double during the year of 2012. Many of these ebooks offer a sense of interaction for those who are reading the book which is yet another reason why the sales of these ebooks will continue to increase.

Marketers who are interested in different marketing strategies should think wisely about the Kindle. Advertising on such products could prove to be beneficial. The advertisements are typically featured on the home screen of the Kindle along with screensavers. However, the advertisements are not inside the books just yet.

A trending topic in 2012 will include engaging consumers, those who use the Kindle, with advertisements. However, while this might sound like an ideal approach, especially to marketers, there are some people who fear that it can cause people to stray away from using the Kindle. Bobby Calder, a marketing professor, has made a warning that books are basically one of the only places that do not include advertisements and the when Amazon develops advertising for the kindle platform, it can alienate many of its users.

However, some prefer to disagree with Calder. In fact, there was an in-book campaign for the Quit UK and after inserting that campaign directly before the final chapter of the books, there was about a 240% increase in the number of calls for the Quit hotline in January of 2011.

Of course, results definitely speak for themselves but there are many people, readers especially, who simply do not enjoy the thought of advertisements interfering with their books. And, avid readers may find it annoying that an advertisement would appear directly before the final chapter, the conclusion, of the book that they have been reading.

Some authors of ebooks have agreed that maybe certain soundtracks could accompany their books instead of flat out advertisements. This will allow the authors to decide which artists will be promoted within their book.

This is, in fact, a dilemma for many marketers as they are not sure what to do with this new way of advertising. With an increase in digital advertising, there surely is no way to really avoid placing advertisements on the Kindle and within the ebooks. In-book advertising is expected to increase but the experiment of advertising within ebooks will definitely be interesting to say the least. Many wonder if any damage will be done.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes