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4 Unemployment Tips To Help You Get Through The Holidays

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The holidays are quickly whizzing by, but for someone who is unemployed it may seem like they are dragging on and on because of the complete lack of something to do to fill the time during your days.

Regardless of the type of holiday that you celebrate, you cannot ignore the holiday cheer that is making everyone around you happy and joyful. But as someone who is trying to find a job, you may not have that same joy, you may be having feelings that are closer to anxiousness and worry. Here are four tips on how to reboot your job search and keep sane during the holiday time.

Take a break:
Searching for a job can be a full-time duty, depending on how bad you actually want the job. Day in and day out you search tirelessly, apply everywhere, and email and call companies. However, if you are employed right now, you would be at parties, and enjoying time off, so go ahead and take a break. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself time to relax, jobs will still be there in the New Year. Besides, most employers our busy with planning other things, and giving themselves a break, so there is no point in going and applying for a job right now when they aren’t even concerned with it. Take this time to decompress, meet friends who are in a good holiday spirit and focus on networking as much as you can.

During the holiday times you are more than likely going to be attending holiday events. At a party you will be out mingling with people from all different walks of life, and they are more than happy to put their two cents in when they hear that you are unemployed. Don’t be afraid to tell people that you are unemployed, it’s not a bad word. If they hear that you are unemployed, they will make sure to come tell you their advice when it comes to finding job. They may even tell you about some places that they have heard are hiring, and maybe they could put in a good word for you.

Stand up:
For most people, when the holidays roll around, it’s all about family. Sometimes your family will get on your last nerve about finding a job, and when that happens, don’t be afraid to stand up and defend yourself. You are doing the best that you can and there is no point in bringing up your current unemployment status at the family dinner table. If you are finding yourself too bummed about being unemployed to be able to enjoy the holidays, just relax. Worrying about finding a job during the holidays is not going to get you employed any faster. Just set a New Year’s resolution to try a different job search method, networking channel, or set new goals to get one informational interview a week.

Take this time off from job searching to relax and renew your job search for the New Year. Get ready to start 2012 will a full battery and mind that is completely prepared for finding a job.

4 Unemployment Tips To Help You Get Through The Holidays by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes