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Super Bowl XLVI Advertisements Costing Millions

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The Super Bowl XLVI, biggest sports event of the year, will feature the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. There is major hype because the two teams have competed against one another before. Many people are calling it a super rematch. While many people in areas all around the United State are hyped up and ready for the game, there is a lot of noise being created by a number of companies that will be advertising during the Super Bowl.

Each advertisement will last for approximately 30 seconds. These 30-second advertisements will be costing companies nearly $3.5 million, and that is simply just an average. Some of these spots may actually cost a bit more. In the meantime, the companies that are paying millions of dollars for their advertisements to be featured during the Super Bowl are making sure that their advertisements are amazing, something that people can and will enjoy. The companies want to make sure the advertisement is worth the money they are putting out for the 30-second time slot.

Having a simple commercial that highlights the benefits and advantages of your particular product is no longer acceptable in the world of advertising during the Super Bowl. In order for products and brands to generate a lot of buzz, they are actually providing short teasers of their actual commercial and circulating them around different social networking platforms as a means of grasping the attention of viewers and getting them to watch the game and the advertisement.

In fact, Volkswagen introduced its commercial for the Super Bowl, which is called, “The Bark Side.” The commercial features a number of dogs dressed up as different characters from star Wars. A teaser of the commercial was posted online and generated over 4 million his within two days.

Volkswagen has definitely made a wise choice but they are not the only company providing short teasers of their commercials online. In fact, the Skechers Company recently replaced Kim Kardashian in their advertisement for a French bulldog instead. The bulldog, Mr. Quiggly, will share his screen time during the Super Bowl advertisement for Skechers with Mark Cuban, who just so happens to be a billionaire and owns the Dallas Mavericks.

And, there are a lot of different companies that are offering sneak peeks at their advertisements before the actual Super Bowl airs. Some of these companies include GoDaddy, the popular domain registrar website, along with Lexus and Suzuki, both automaker companies. Kia, another automotive company, will actually be releasing a sample of its Super Bowl advertisement in movie theaters instead of online or on television. The advertisement will be released in the coming days prior to the airing of the Super Bowl XLVI.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes