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Chimps during the Super Bowl

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CareerBuilder will be advertising during the Super Bowl XLVI. Of course, the company will be returning to the use of chimpanzees for this advertisement, which will be viewed by millions of people who will be turned into the game. Forbes has even offered an exclusive sneak peak of CareerBuilder’s advertisement, which will be featured at some point during the Super Bowl.

The advertisement, which is approximately 30 seconds long, will feature chimps acting chaotic and crazy for the on human employee at the firm while on a business trip. Cynthia McIntyre, the vice president of marketing and communication for CareerBuilder, has said, “Our ads present an experience that almost anyone can relate to: not being in an ideal work situation.” She also says, “You have to have a message that resonates with viewers and pulls your brand through. You also have to be entertaining,” she said. “We’ve always used humor. A lot of advertisers do. But you can’t just tell a joke for the sake of the joke. It’s got to tie effectively into your brand and the ultimate message you’re trying to get across.”

The reason why CareerBuilder decided to go with chimpanzees for their advertisement is because they are a lot like humans and are well suited for the different experience that many people find themselves in while they are in work. Many people can identify to chimpanzees because they are so similar to human beings. McIntyre says, “They are the animal with which people would most readily identify.”

However, these advertisements have also been protested against from the animal rights groups who claim that using chimpanzees in these commercials is simply inhumane. While these advertisements which feature chimpanzees have brought on a lot of controversy in the past, CareerBuilder is still bringing them back for the Super bowl advertisement.

Jennifer Grasz, a spokeswoman for CareerBuilder, has said, “The chimpanzees were brought back by popular demand.  It’s been a very successful campaign that job seekers identify with and act upon.” She also says, “CareerBuilder supports the fair and humane treatment of all animals. During the production of our ad, we followed the strictest guidelines to ensure our chimpanzee stars were treated well and not harmed in any way. We hired top trainers known to provide the highest standard of care for their animals. We also had a member of animal rights group, the American Humane Association, on set during the entire filming to ensure the chimpanzees were treated with respect. This was very important to us.”

McIntyre believes that while there has been some controversy surrounding the advertisements, the vast majority of the general public, along with some tough critics, have actually enjoyed the commercials. She says, “You have to continue to take calculated risks and push yourself to deliver breakthrough creative. I think we’ve done that.”

The chimps were introduced by CareerBuilder during the Super Bowl of 2005. The chimps were also featured in a 2006 Super Bowl advertisement but have not been back since.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes