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Super Bowl Advertisements Feature Celebs, Animals, and More

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Super Bowl advertisements are expected to be interesting this year, as if they aren’t interesting each and every year. This year, the Super Bowl will feature advertisements that include singing dogs, chimpanzees, body painted models, and even vampires. To say that the advertisements will be interesting is actually an understatement.

The Super Bowl is, yet again, expected to be the most watched night of television for this year. During last year’s Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, 111 million people watched the televised sports event, which it made it the most watched television program ever. This is the primary reason why advertisers are spending millions on their advertisements slots to be featured during the Super Bowl. In fact, advertisers are shelling out nearly $3-4 million for each advertising package.

The TV editor at Ad Age, Brian Steinberg, has said, “I’d say prices have gone up significantly from last year, when Fox was probably taking in the range of $2.7 million to 3 million for packages.” He also says, “But the ratings growth of the event has really spurred the increase.”

If you plan to watch the Super Bowl, you may have already gotten in on the action, watching some short clips of many commercials that will be displayed throughout the Super Bowl game on NBC on February 5th as the New York Giants competed against the New England Patriots. Advertisers are doing what they can to increase the attention of the audiences, releasing teasers of their advertisements before the big game on a number of different social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. Steinberg says that this is a way for the company to grasp the attention and get the audience interested. And, so far, it seems to actually be working.

The advertisements for Volkswagen, which features animals dressed up as Star Wars characters, has already had over 9 million views on The views continue to increase with each minute that passes on by.

Steinberg says, “I think the ads this year will be based more on good stories and visually arresting scenes.” He also says, “With people talking about the ads for weeks before and days after the event, it’s no longer enough just to have a star smile in your commercial. There has to be a bigger concept that people can discuss for a longer period of time.”

What this means is, you will be watching 60 second advertisements and 90 second advertisements that provoke thought and emotion, instead of classless jokes that are not really entertaining. In fact, Kim Kardashian has been replaced for the Sketchers advertisement with French bulldog, which just proves that the advertisers are working on making changes to the advertisements so that the audience will relate with them better or find them funnier.

Super Bowl Advertisements Feature Celebs, Animals, and More by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes