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Young Adults Suffering from Stiff Job Market

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In the United States, it can be hard for just about anyone to find employment. After the recession, which started in 2007 and ended in 2009, the economy has not been the same. Many different states in America are struggling to regain employment to make up for the huge job losses that took place during and after the recession, when many people were left without jobs and without a source of income, having to rely heavily on unemployment and other forms of benefits to survive. However, new studies show that it is young adults who seem to be suffering the most, as they are much less likely to be employed as they once were, prior to the start of the recession.

The recent recession has definitely had a negative impact on people ages 20 through 30. And, nearly half of all Americans agree that young adults have had it the hardest than any other age group when it comes down to finding employment, especially now after the recession. In the meantime, 29 percent of Americans believe it is middle-aged individuals who are having the toughest time and 24 percent of Americans who believe seniors are having the hardest time finding jobs. And, the vast majority of the general public agrees with one another, saying it is a lot harder for younger adults to find employment these days, especially with such a stiff job market. They also agree that the parents of today’s young adults are having a much harder time affording college for their children.

An associate direct of Pew’s social & Demographic Trends project, Kim Parker, says that it is the younger workers who seem to be on the bottom of the spectrum and after the recession, it has become very hard for these young adults to hold on with the obstacles they are being faced with. Parker says that many of these young adults have had some involvement with the “Occupy” protests. She also points out that young adults were far more satisfied prior to the recession but now that the recession has taken place, young adults are not satisfied because they are having such a tough time finding employment in the first place. She believes that anger, which has been expressed by many “Occupy” protestors, likely stems from frustration, as these young adults have been actively pursuing job leads with no luck. These young adults constantly have to compete against hundreds of applicants for some of the positions they apply to.

Parker says that while young adults are facing some pretty serious challenge, many of them are still hopeful and optimistic about their future, believing that better things will come their way eventually. In fact, most of these young adults are anticipating the future, as the economy begins to recover after such a crippling recession.

Young Adults Suffering from Stiff Job Market by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes