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Earning Reports and Advertisements

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The fourth quarter earnings from the popular Google Incorporation have proven that the company received less money from its per-click online advertisements. This was a shocking surprise because many investors believed that with all of the holiday shopping going on in the United States, Google Inc. would be able to charge more money for its advertisements. However, the average price declined by about 8 percent from the exact same period during 2010.

The Microsoft Corporation seemed to have better luck. The corporation lost about $458 million during the last quarter but this was a decline of 18 percent less than the $559 million they corporation lost within the previous year. Revenue for the corporation also grew by nearly 10 percent, reaching $784 million.

The Yahoo Incorporation reported that after taking out advertising commission, their total revenue was at about $1.17 billion. This may sound like good news to some but for the company, it was actually $20 million less than what the analysts were predicting. This will be the 13th quarter in a row in which the net revenue for Yahoo has decreased from the previous year.

The Meredith Corporation, known for being the owner of an assortment of magazines, including Better Homes and Gardens, along with owning some local television stations, have reported their quarterly net income. The revenue for this corporation decrease towards the end of 2011, partly due to the weak political advertisements.

The Time Warner Cable Incorporation made reports that their advertisement revenue decreased by 10 percent, reaching $242 million by the fourth quarter. It is believed that the decrease is due to the decrease of political advertising.

The Time Warner Incorporation said that advertisement revenue for its cable television channels increased by 2 percent. The incorporation believes the increase could have been better but wasn’t because of the NBA lockout which delayed NBA games.

The AOL Incorporation seemed to have better news, stating the incorporation managed to increase its advertisement revenue by 10 percent within the fourth quarter. This has been the third quarter for AOL in which growth has taken place. AOL was once known for its Internet services but the demand for these services has definitely declined. To deal with the decline, the company has been focusing on different content and advertisements as a means of still being successful.

The Viacom Incorporation said that the advertising within their television networks decrease by about 3 percent.

In the meantime, The New York Times Corporation reported an advertising revenue decrease by just about 7 percent. However, digital advertisement revenue for The New York Times Corporation managed to increase by just about 5 percent, which helped the corporation to deal with its 8 percent drop of print advertisement revenue.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes