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“Just My Shell” rated most popular Super Bowl commercial

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M&M’s “Just My Shell” from BBDO, New York, has been rated as the most popular Super Bowl 2012 commercial.  The 30-second commercial won top spot as voted on by YouTube users in its thumbs up/thumbs down Ad Blitz contest.  The Chrysler spot by Wieden + Kennedy, “It’s Halftime in America”, was placed second.


Featuring M&M’s new spokescandy, the bespectacled Ms. Brown, “Just My Shell” has left viewers repeating “Oh, it’s that kind of party” after watching the commercial over and over again.  Also on repeat-mode was Debra Sandler, chief consumer officer of Mars Chocolate North America who reportedly said, “Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!” when being congratulated on the M&M’s win.  Attributing the     victory to a couple of factors, she pointed out the new character was included in response to consumer wishes.  Describing it as “a fun ad”, Ms Sandler went on to say, “The LMFAO song certainly helped to contemporize it. And I think BBDO just came through with a really entertaining spot. It brought a smile to your face, and you really want to share it with someone else”.


The M&M spot featured on the YouTube homepage on Saturday after being announced winner.


Director of creative content at YouTube, Mike Yapp said YouTube’s voting system allows the whole world to vote on the ads for a week, providing for an all-inclusive rating of popularity.  “YouTube is like a giant disco ball. It’s basically a mirror on the trends, emotions and experiences of the whole world”.  He added, “With the biggest thing that comes down in the United States in terms of sports media, we can sit there and say, ‘This is what the people are thinking when they look at this in real time’. That’s the intrinsic magic of YouTube”.


A mind boggling 133 million people viewed the videos of Ad Blitz, an increase of 40 percent from last year.  And for the first time, viewers were able to use the tablet-optimized channel to watch the videos.  32 percent of voters made their choice using their tablet device.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes