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Human Resources in Augusta

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As of right now, Augusta is in a difficult spot, especially when it comes to the human resources situation. They basically have one of two choices, to either work on rebuilding the city department that was simply inadequate before or to move the task overs to Automatic Data Processing. Recently released information shows that outsourcing the payroll, along with other types of administration work, will actually cost over $1 million for Augusta per year. And, this fee is not included with the $1 million that needs to be put toward an implementation charge, along with other types of fees that the Automatic Data Processing tends to charge.

In the year of 2011 alone, the city of Augusta spent nearly $1.6 million on different types of human resource services, which included payroll. The ADP believes that the department simply does not have the staff it needs to handle the needs of the city, especially within its human resources department. The ADP says that the department is simply understaffed and that they do not have the tools that are need to handle the human resources needs properly and efficiently.

The Vice President of the ADP, Colette Hughes, says that any of the employees currently working in the human resources department might still have the opportunity to be hired again by the company, even if the ADP has to take over the operations of human resources. As of right now, there are only 8 employees within the whole department and in order to have a fully functional department, there needs to be at least 15 employees.

Randy Welch of ADP also talked about the city and its inadequate system for filing important papers and documents. Welch criticized this and said that the ADP would do a much better job, ensuring that all of the employee files were safely secure on a computer, which would also allow employees to have access to such files. While the ADP claims to be able to take over the important human resources tasks, there are some who beg to differ.

In fact, many officials from a university, which was actually not to be named, said that they did not enjoy the different issues that came along with the ADP and their involvement with the city of Augusta. It is believed that some of the problems that the university officials seemed to have included massive confusion amongst the employees, along with ADP staffers who seem to be combative with one another instead of helping and supporting one another. The ADP, on the other hand, says that they currently employee 60 million people and that while they strive for protection, it is impossible for them to please every single person all of the time.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes