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New Advertising Campaign for CIT

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The CIT Group Incorporation, known for providing finances to all different kinds of small businesses and companies, has recently announced its new advertising campaign which is purposely designed as a way of helping the company to grow and also promote the experience the company already has gained over the many years it has been in business. The company is, after all, an expert when it comes to working with small businesses. The new campaign is designed to grasp viewers’ attention and will be featured online, in print, through mobile advertising, and will even be featured on the radio. This new form of advertising for the company was developed by DeSantis Breindel, which is a marketing firm that is located in the heart of New York City.

The Head of Communications & Government Relations for CIT, Margaret D. Tuwiler, says that their new campaign has a lot to do with the company and the growth process it will be going through within this new year of 2012. Tuwiler says that the concept is different from the traditional CIT advertisements but that is what the company likes about the entirely new concept. A lot of small businesses are working on growing and expanding, especially with the United States finally starting to pick back up after the recession. Because of this, CIT wants these small businesses to know that they can be of assistance, helping the small business to achieve any goals they have set.

The co-founder for DeSantis Breindel, Dru DeSantis, says that he respects CIT, especially because of what they have done for their clients in the past. Breindel says that CIT works with all types of clients and uses their expertise to ensure clients are satisfied and achieve everything they have wanted to achieve for their businesses. Breindel says that because CIT is such a professional company, the new advertisement campaign was created to reflect the company in a different light, showing that it is a company that knows how to help businesses grow and expand, even during this period of time where the economy is still under a recovery.

These new CIT advertisements will be featured in the United States but will also be featured in other areas around the world. Such areas include Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The advertisements will be featured on some of the most popular business websites, along with different types of apps for the iPod and iPad. Many advertisements will also be featured on the radio of different news stations.

The CIT company was established in the early 1900’s, 1908 to be exact. The company is currently a member of Fortune 500 and provides financing options to millions of small businesses. Their clients and customers come from a broad range of industries. CIT is a leading company has received quite a positive reputation around the world.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes