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Sony to Cut 10,000 Jobs

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When most of you think about problems for Sony you probably think about the recent trouble that they had with the security of the personal data of people with a Playstation Network Account. You might even think about the last time you had to call the Sony customer support line for a product.

You probably do no think much about the possibility that this electronics company is going to let go of about 10,000 workers, but that is exactly what the company is getting ready to do. Those 10,000 workers are going to be let go sometime between now and the end of the year, though they will most likely be cut incrementally to make managing this number of layoffs a less monumental tasks. The layoffs are going to impact workers form all areas of the globe, instead of only one specific country. The announcement of these jobs cuts, which was made early this morning by the company, is only going to impact about six percent of the workers the company employs overall.

By now you are no doubt wondering where the cuts will be coming from? Well for now all that we know is that about half of the cuts, 5,000 jobs will come from the company’s medium-size display panel production and sales. The other 5,000 jobs will come from unspecified areas around the world. For now the cuts to the remaining 5,000 jobs are being kept secret, though this may be more because the company has serious decisions to make in the near future about who gets to keep their job, then it is about corporate subterfuge.

In addition seven of the most senior managers in the company are expected to give up their bonuses in order to save the company money. These reports are however, at the current moment, not confirmed by the company, which has chosen not to comment on the layoffs or the bonus cuts.

Of course, this is not the first time that Sony has made job cuts in recent months. Some of you may recall our March coverage of layoffs at Sony Mobile, but for those of you who missed out here is an excerpt that will get you up to speed in no time at all:

“Sony Mobile, a small part of the much larger Sony Corp, makers of a wide range of electronic products, has announced cuts to its workforce in Lund. For those of you who are not up on your geography Lund can be found in the southern part of Sweden. The job cuts will impact about 149 workers at that site. That site currently employs about 2,500 people for Sony Mobile so the cut of 149 is actually a loss of less than seven percent of the current staff.

Currently, the company is not releasing any information about what job titles will be getting the ax. They are currently in negotiation with the unions for the workers. We do know that the jobs will come from the research and development area of the company. The company has yet to announce a final date for the workers to be cut, for the same reason.”

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes