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Tumblr and Paid Advertising

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Tumblr is known for being a popular blogging spot. And, it should be, as it has been around for five years now. After five years of operation, Tumblr has finally announced that it is getting into paid advertising. The founder of Tumblr, David Karp, who is also the CEO of the company, says that they will begin offering the post that shows up on the dashboard for advertisements. The post is known as the Radar, which basically highlights some of the most popular posts made on Tumblr.

Karp said that Tumblr is in over ten separate partnerships and Radar is being used to promote those partnerships and the specific brands that the different companies and businesses are offering. The Cartoon Network is currently one of the partnerships that Tumblr has. Many people were surprised to learn about Karp’s decision to go ahead with paid advertising, especially since just two years ago; he said that he was opposed to advertising, saying that it basically turned his stomach.

In the announcement that Karp made about enabling paid advertising, he actually quoted himself and what he said in 2010, about how he was opposed to advertising. Just two years ago, it seemed as though he would never go for advertising because he was so against it at that moment in time. He ended up calling himself an idiot for the simple statement that he made just two years ago. And now, marketers who are interested in advertising on the popular blogging website can do just that. They can pay a certain amount of money to have their advertisements placed upon the website.

And, for now, there is a lot of creative advertising going on for Tumblr. In fact, Karp has received praise for being more creative with advertisements than some of the other popular websites that also use advertising, particularly Facebook and Twitter. Tumblr is excited for the opportunity to enable different companies and brands to display their advertisements amongst the website. Tumblr hopes to be able to attract brands, which could be a money-making move, enabling the company to earn tons in advertisement revenue by working with some of the top name brands.

With these Radar advertisements, Tumblr is finally accepting brands and their advertisements. They will still have to work on a strategy for the advertisements and for revenue but everything will likely work out for the pro-blogging website. In the meantime, brands are going to have to work on making some seriously interactive and engaging advertisements to be displayed on Tumblr, especially if they want to have the most success with their advertisements and make the most out of what they will pay for when advertising on Tumblr.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes